The festival is named after Yarmony Mountain (elev. 9516 ft.) and Chief Yarmony from the Ute Indian Tribe. The parents of festival founder Andrew McConathy owned nearby Yarmony Ranch which is where the festival got its roots in 2006 before moving to State Bridge Lodge.

2019 signifies the official renaming of the festival from YarmonyGrass to Yarmony. We’ve chosen the Phoenix as our new emblem as it symbolizes transformation, renewal, and rebirth. Many might not know it, but the site of Yarmony (the original State Bridge Lodge) burned down in June 2007 leaving nothing but ashes where the historic venue once stood. The festival moved to Copper Mountain in 2008 before relocating to Rancho del Rio in 2009 where it’s remained ever since.

Rancho Del Rio is tucked into a canyon on the Colorado River, surrounded by the great Rocky Mountains. It’s no wonder Yarmony fans came up with the catchy tagline "High in the Rocky Mountains, on the Colorado River." During the day, festival attendees can enjoy easy access to the lazy flowing river with floats, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, and giant swan/unicorn/pizza/donut rafts. Our world famous, one-of-a-kind Yarmony Floating Stage makes this festival truly magical!

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s almost guaranteed that every year on Yarmony weekend, fans are treated to the stunning brilliance of the Perseid Meteor Shower! Thanks to being in the middle of rural Colorado and without light or pollution, late nights at Yarmony are filled with countless stars rocketing across the night sky.